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15P Solid

15 Panel Solid.JPG

Belgravia Solid

Belgravia Solid.JPG

Carrera Solid

Carrera Solid.JPG

Colonial 4P

Colonial 4 Panel.JPG

Colonial 4P HM

Colonial 4 Panel HM.JPG

Colonial 4P HMCB

Colonial 4 Panel HM CB.JPG

Colonial 6P

Colonial 6 Panel.jpg

Colonial 6P HM

Colonial 6 Panel HM.JPG

Felicia Solid


Regal 10P

Regal 10 Panel.JPG

Regal 10P HM

Regal 10 Panel HM.JPG

Regal 10P HMCB

Regal 10 Panel HM CB.JPG

Regal 21P

Regal 21 Panel.JPG

Regal 3P

Regal 3 Panel.JPG

Regal 3P HM

Regal 3 Panel HM.JPG
Regal 8 Panel.JPG
Regal 4 Panel HM CB.JPG
Regal 4 Panel HM.JPG
Regal 4 Panel.JPG
Regal 5 Panel HM CB.JPG
Regal 5 Panel HM.jpg
Regal 5 Panel.jpg
Regal 8 Panel HM CB.JPG
Regal 8 Panel HM.JPG

Regal 4P

Regal 4P HM

Regal 4P HMCB

Regal 5P

Regal 5P HM

Regal 5P HMCB

Regal 8P

Regal 8P HM

Regal 8P HMCB

The main construction of the external doors we provide are manufactured from solid one piece timber components, meaning there are no veneers or skins covering what has been used to make the door.  Veneers should not be used outside as they will peel and bubble off over time, it is why 99% of external entry doors need to be replaced as the skin peels off, the same cannot happen to our doors as there is no veneer.

If you want to get a cost to supply or to supply and install it is a very very simple and quick process, click the red button below and write in the name of the door or doors you like and we'll send you an obligation free cost, it really is that simple.

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